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Is your network secure from intruders - both internal and external? Are your employee's Internet habits costing you money by introducing viruses and affecting productivity?

Sage Business Systems can help you limit your exposure and keep your valuable data safe. Whether you want to implement a new secure way of doing business, or you are having doubts about your existing plan, we can provide a solution for you.

At Sage, we take security, whether it is over the Internet or on an intranet, seriously. Let us test your Network today and we will give you a FREE basic report on your system.

Internet and Intranet security
With our comprehensive fee based analysis, we will test your network and provide you with an extensive report of your strengths and weaknesses, with recommendations for additional security solutions if necessary. We will review your hardware and your connection to the Internet and suggest what enhancements are needed for faster or more secure access. We also can help evaluate data and voice service providers and offer unbiased recommendations.

Premises Security
We can design and imploment cost-effective and powerful vuideo surveillance systems, that are connected to your network to provide easy to manage and 24 hour access to your valuable company assets. Video camera systems can be used to prevent theft or corporate espionage; avoid legal problems due to employee actions, or to help raise employee productivity.

With the daily threat of viruses, we have become a strong ally in fighting these problems. We have tested all major anti-virus software solutions, and know which are best for your company. Receive our report of the "latest" and "greatest" in protecting your data, network and email, 24 hours a day.

Disaster recovery plan
Do you have one? Creating or upgrading an emergency backup plan for your server and its data is crucial to any business. We evaluate your data and servers so that they are well protected, and ensure there is a backup plan in place and WORKING in case of disaster.

Operating systems
We will evaluate your operating systems and give you a report on what needs to be upgraded, or patched, along with a stability assessment.

Remote Access
The need for constant access to data has made remote access a requirement for most businesses. We implement remote access methodologies that draw upon the most secure and efficient technologies available today. We can help your business implement perimeter firewall solutions, secure VPN access, terminal services, and remote printing.


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